RV Loans – The Inside Story YOU need to know…

RV Loans – The Inside Story YOU need to know…


RV Loans – The INSIDE Story, what YOU need to know before…

Securing a good RV loan can save (or cost) you tons of money. Know the in’s and out’s of RV loans – how to get ’em and how to get the best rate.


  1. Thank you very much for your time ,im one year from retire and want to buy an Airstream bambi ,i can make up to 500$ monthly payments whit minimum down but im not planing on moving to much (one person )what do you recommend on extra warranty?thank you god bless you.

  2. We have been doing a boatload of research on RVs. Thought we wanted a trailer but now looking at fifth wheels due to my brother-in-law's recommendation. We also went to an RV show. I have just stumbled across this video along with a few others you have made. Just wanted to let you know how excellent they are! However, after watching some YouTube horror stories, we may be rethinking this whole thing, esp. since we will have to buy a bigger truck. I figure by the time we get the fifth wheel that we want (around $40,000) and then buy a truck, we will be in too deep and we are retired. Really torn.

  3. I have a Yukon and a ram 1500 Eco Diesel to tow with for now. I might upgrade to a 2500 Cummings in a year when my lease is up. The trailer is for my wife, myself, 4 kids and 2 small dogs lol.
    Thanks again

  4. What options I like

    Backup camera
    Roof raps over edge
    Manual override on canopy
    Aluminum frame
    Out door kitchen
    Outdoor shower
    2 batteries
    Solar hook up
    Widestance wheels
    Table in the front storage compartment
    Murphy Bed or a rear slide out bed like the x254 model
    Full length awning
    Outdoor speakers
    Roof ladder
    Real plywood decking
    At least one long slide out on the side and maybe small one on the other
    Like the bunk beds
    Shower doors – no curtain
    Furnace accessible
    Insulation that doesn't sag
    What's the reading of the axles?????

  5. Models I like
    X254 if it had a side pop out
    Sunset super trail lite 27BH
    2016 Dutchmen Aerolite 282DBHS 33f
    2017 Dutchman Aerolite 242BHSL
    -Winnebago Minnie 2455BH
    -2504s rockwood I like a lot
    -Heartland wilderness WD 2375 BH and 2650BH
    -Keystone bullet bunk house and rear king slide out
    -Keystone passport
    -Keystone outback ultra lite 250URS (like a lot)
    -Coachman freedom express 257BHS
    23 IKss roo
    -HIGHLAND ridge open range light 221RBQ

  6. Hey Allen. I'm heading to a RV show tomorrow to find a RV. my local dealer sells Jayco and I'm not sure what I want yet. My local dealer said get a price from the show and they should be able to match or come close. Which is fine with me. I will take ur advice and buy local. My only issue is if I find something else. What do u think?

  7. I used to work in the banking industry, and part of my job included reviewing credit and teaching other professionals that deal with credit transactions. Your information is good, and those wishing to learn should listen to it, especially the part about not only having credit but also using it and, of course, paying it back. Using it but paying it back and not maintaining high outstanding balances on revolving credit will do a lot to boost credit scores. Use it, pay it back, and don't carry high balances (relative to the maximum credit allowed–keep the outstanding balance below 40 percent of the maximum credit on the line) will help a lot. Not having credit reflects poorly on your credit score. Using it responsibly and paying it back timely will give you great credit. Don't let your cards sit idle. Just use them for anything–a tank of gas–and pay the card right back, and that keeps your credit active, which is what banks want to see.

  8. Thanks for the information Alan, we are planning to full time in place for now and looking at a New Sanibel 3701R purchase toward the end of this year. Any suggestions for lending institutions that loan for full timers? I will email you, I am interested in the card you are using. Thanks again, any additional feed back is greatly appreciated.

  9. can't see going into so much dept for a toy. I have been a Dave Ramsey girl long before I knew who Dave Ramsey was. A new RV losses so much value as soon as you drive it off the lot and I have heard that ""best friend "" salesman does't know you as soon as you have a problem and you will have a problem it can take months to get RV fixed.

  10. Good information, Alan, thank you. I am pretty well versed in credit issues but not in relation to the purchase of an RV. This was very helpful in that regard. And I am very interested in the credit card you mentioned that kicks back 6% and 3% on supermarkets and fuel, respectively…. Didn't find a way to contact you "privately", however. I use the Double Cash card that is a decent return with no fees and no revolving categories but would love to learn about your card. That aside, thanks for the video, good information. -John

  11. I only have one credit card with a $500.00 limit usually for car rentals, everthing else is cash, ive only been to one rv dealer never went back, the travel trailer was a 23,000, I offered him 17,000 cash and the dude didnt accept, he then trys to set me up with a used one for 15 that was a 2011 model, but would have to be serviced to have the warranty, bring the price to about 18,000k, I found the same one Primetime for about 10k + somewhere else on my phone while he was trying to shake me down, so i offered him 12K, he then tells me i thought you had 17k, I should him the 17k gave him the bird and walked out, now you tell me was I being unfair, or could he actually not work with that price at all.

  12. i am not a fan of credit cards what ever happen to the day you did not have to do that i don't want to owe any body when i built my first home went the bank sat with the vise president and he said you have no credit and i said nope paid cash for cars paid cash fo the land and put in my well cash i tolled him if you don't want to lend me the money i will find someone who will and i got the loan…

  13. Allen are there groups that restructure loans on RV's in the example of I get a loan at x% since no prepay I make large payment on principal to abate interest…loan amount reduced. Do you know anyone that will do these kind of loans?

  14. October 15 at the California RV Show we purchased a new Pleasure-Way 22' Class C for $76k. With $10k down and good credit (my score 801, wife 760), we got 4.24% for 20 years ($408/mo) from US Bank. We were able to deduct various loan costs and interest on our taxes because the RV will be our second home.

  15. Thanks for the info. When I purchased my brand new travel trailer I was able to get 3.40% for 9 years with my credit union. I was surprised when I looked it up just now because I thought it was 5%! I'm not a big supporter of using credit and loans but I've burned myself out on it with some bad purchases that took a long time to pay. Anywho thanks for the update and info!